About Us

We are a Christian family who enjoys recording and giving away our songs.

We chose our name, Five and Two, based on an event recorded in the Bible. In the book of Mark, chapter 6, Jesus is handed five loaves of bread and two fish. He then performs a miracle and multiplies the food with enough to feed five thousand. In this same way we take the talents that we have been given, entrust them to God's hands, and ask Him to bless and reach many through them.

Starting in 2000, we recorded our first album “Surprise Me,” with Daniel on guitar and Laura on vocals, while our two daughters twirled and toddled in the studio.  Since then, writing and sharing music has happened in the midst of juggling work, raising a family, and homeschooling our kids. Now, 16 years and two albums later, our daughters join us for the first time on our latest project, “Daylight Dawning.”

From our earliest days of songwriting, we have been like two puzzle pieces, each suppling what the other lacked - Daniel provides the musical compositions while Laura is the lyricist.





The first song we wrote and recorded together was for our wedding in 1996.  The lyrics in the chorus say:

Oh the Lord, He’s the firm ground beneath us

And we’ve got His promise that He’s never going to leave us

Everything we need to know He will teach us

In this lifetime of learning

This winding, finding journey

In Him

The songs we’ve written since then have captured the ups, the downs, the joys, and the wonder we’ve experienced on that journey.  Some songs were words of hope from God, sent to encourage us in the midst of hard times; others sprang forth from the sheer joy of life in Christ.  We share these songs with you in the hopes that they will bless you on your journey.


Some of the many musicians who have inspired us are                2ndChapter of Acts, Iona, Charlie Peacock, Out of the Grey, John Elefante, and Phil Keaggy.


We’ve been blessed to work with some great producers and musicians over the years.  Credits are below.


Surprise Me

All songs written by Daniel and Laura Kachelmyer. Copyright 2000.


Acoustic guitars: Daniel
Vocals and background vocals: Laura
Bass guitar: Johnny Nelson
Drums: Mike Walker
Percussion: Will Hunt
Keyboards: Dan Galbraith
Strings: Players from the Oklahoma City Philharmonic

All string arrangements by Dan Galbraith
Recorded by Chris Freels and Kevin Lively at West 2nd,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mixed by Kevin Lively
Mastered by Chris Freels
Artwork by Kelly Koenig
Graphic design by Jermaine Onarecker



All music written by Daniel and Laura Kachelmyer. Copyright 2006.

Daniel: acoustic guitars
Laura: vocals and background vocals
Bass guitar: Pat Malone
Drums: Dustin Ragland
Keyboards: LG Hamilton
Piano: Dennis Borycki
Strings: Kyle Dillingham
Additional acoustic guitars: Kendall Combes (tracks #2 and #5)
Sax: Gary Riley

Recorded at The Music Group, Edmond, Oklahoma
Produced by Chris Freels
Mixed by Chris Freels and Kevin Lively
Mastered by Chris Freels

Graphic design and layout by Jesse Owen


New Songs

All songs written by Daniel and Laura Kachelmyer. Copyright 2008.


Guitars: Daniel Kachelmyer

Vocals: Laura Kachelmyer


Mixed at The Music Group, Edmond, Oklahoma by Kevin Lively

Graphic design and layout by Rick Sosnoski

Daylight Dawning

All music written by Daniel and Laura Kachelmyer. Copyright 2014.


Lyrics by Laura Kachelmyer
Acoustic guitar and ukulele: Daniel Kachelmyer
Lead vocals: Laura Kachelmyer
Background vocals: Laura, Eliya, and Hannah Kachelmyer
Drums: Tony Creasman
Bass guitar: Trevor Reddick
Electric guitar: David Clifton
Keyboards and VSTs: Jamie Graves
Fiddle and mandolin: David Johnson
Pennywhistle: Hannah Kachelmyer
Extra guitar and keyboards: Ben McAmis 

Producer/Sound engineer/ and all around “Amazing Idea Man”: Ben McAmis
Recorded and mastered by Ben McAmis at Riversound Production Recording Studio Maryville, Tennessee
Art Direction and Design by Jesse Owen (www.10am.org)
Thank you Tony, Trevor, David (Clifton), Jamie, and David (Johnson) for contributing your amazing talent to these songs and making them shine. Thank you, Doug Hodges, for providing such a fabulous studio.

Website design by Eliya and Hannah Kachelmyer

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